KC McCallum

Founder & Owner 



The Ski & Boot Lab is a culmination of over 25 years of hard work, dedication, and having a sincere passion for the ski industry.  Growing up in Colorado and naturally having a love for outdoor sports, it was fitting that my career started in a ski shop.

My journey began in 1992 at a local sports store in Englewood, Mountain Miser.  I spent most of my high school days working in the stores rental department, and learning the basics of the retail business.  During my college summers and winter breaks at home, I learned how to tune and mount skis.  When I wasn’t working, I was skiing, hiking, biking and climbing.  I grew up skiing all of the local mountains in Colorado, and was fortunate to head east to college in Vermont and study business at Saint Michael’s.  It was there I learned the importance of a sharp edge and a flat base!

After graduating from Saint Michael’s in 1998, I moved to Summit County and started working at Gorsuch, Ltd in Keystone.  During my 12 years at Gorsuch, I managed all aspects of their ski service department.  I built valuable and trusting relationships with the top ski, snowboard and equipment manufacturers, and also developed personal and lasting relationships with my customers.  I truly believe these relationships have been instrumental in helping me open The Ski & Boot Lab.

In 2009, I moved from Keystone to Denver, as I was given the opportunity to manage and lead the first Sports Authority Elite store in Cherry Creek.  I was grateful for the opportunity to work with executives from the biggest sports industry brands, and collaborate with our buying teams to ensure the store had the best product mix.  While I valued my work, newfound skills, and the relationships that I built at Sports Authority, in my heart I always knew I would end up back in the ski industry.

In 2013, I took over as the ski shop manager for Colorado Ski & Golf in Aurora to lead the change in rebuilding the ski shops quality of service.  I helped create a team and environment that embraced cultures and standards that would enable us to provide the highest levels of service to our customers, ultimately increasing our overall customer satisfaction.

The sports retail industry has faced tumultuous times over the last few years.  Although the closing of Sports Authority caused a disruption in the industry, it helped create for me, an opportunity of a lifetime.  I’ve always dreamed of owning my own ski shop and I’m thrilled to finally turn a life long dream into a reality!

I’m proud to open my first ski shop in the community that I grew up in, Highlands Ranch.  I’m committed to providing the highest level of service to my customers and my community. 


KC McCallum